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Middle School Summer Academy in
Science, Mathematics, and Reading

Following the first year of the High School Mentorship Program, participants suggested that the program could be even more valuable if it was also accessible to students in middle school. In response to the feedback, The Academy of Science, Reading, and Mathematics for Potential Health Care Professionals was developed and piloted in 2011.  
Beginning with 30 students from Coahoma County, the program opened to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who expressed an interest in health care professions. A four week summer institute was held in June 2011. The students who participated completed  intensive study in science, reading, mathematics, and health disparities.

Among the activities completed, students dissected animal organs such as the heart, kidney, lung, and brain, to learn the parts of the body affected by diseases. Students work with doctors to create a wellness program for family members suffering from heart and kidney diseases. Like the High School Mentorship Program, the middle school students also attend workshops targeted for their age group that emphasize time and stress management, test-taking skills, study habits, and teamwork.  

As an added bonus of the program, these students too are provided the opportunity to become certified in CPR. Starting the study of professions early is intended to spark interests in the students that can help them plan and prepare for their future and gainful empployment.