Student Health Council

The Student Health Council (SHC) is a problem-solving unit. Participation in this student-led group prepares students to learn to resolve difficult issues and conflicts  through discussion of current dilemmas. These discussions are a way of teaching students to advocate for a position or cause, to actively listen, and to use what has been learned to reach unanimous agreement or  consensus in much the same way that professional health care providers address similar situations in the work force. 

Students learn to employ Robert's Rules of Order and parliimentary procedure as they work to resolve challenges.  Students  participate in  Problem Solving for Better Health workshops (PSBH) where they look at the health disparities within their own community and come up with practical solutions to solve them. PSBH  workshops are facilitated by research associates from the University of Mississippi, another TCWA partner. The Student Health Council is the brainchild of Tri-County Workforce Alliance and Aaron E. Henry Community Health Services Center.